Frequently asked questions

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Zirango - A software marketplace where people buy scripts & source code. Millions of people around the world visit Zirango to buy Software, Themes, Plugins, Templates, Games, even hire freelancer and developers.

We help our customers to bring their business on online platform and provide new ways to grow their business. Zirango software & technology registered by government of India.

How to manage account.

Account Click on your account and you will get a drop down menu. Here all the options are available through which you can manage account.

Profile - Click on the profile and then you can see here all the information related to your account. It is important to fill all your details for the verification of your account.

Notification - In this section you will receive all notifications related to your account and activities.

How to manage Purchased items.

Collection - Here all those items appear which you will add in your shopping cart.